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Quality Control

When a loan is all said and done, you’re the one who makes the call on whether it was said and done properly.  The loan has passed through and been approved by your team, now it’s your task to grade how well they did.  Of the hundreds of loans you review, the vast majority will be well-justified transactions.  You have to be certain to catch the handful that slipped past watchful eyes so the internal process that allowed the errors can be quickly and effectively corrected. 

Executive view
Compliance requirements and good business sense make quality control a vital function.  As an institutional benchmarking tool, quality control allows you to see just how well your business processes are operating.  Your review team needs the very best tools at their fingertips to catch any slipups so the underlying reasons can be found and fixed. 

First American CoreLogic provides the complete solution spectrum to locate troubled loans efficiently and with precision.  Automated tools allow you to verify property values are correct and the borrower is sound.  Batch processing enables quality control to run large numbers of loans and zero in on only those few with questionable characteristics.  Escalating levels of investigation allow you to tailor a bump-logic system that operates according to your policies and business rules, providing quality control professionals a complete understanding of the loan’s history and the information supporting each decision made.  When loan data presents patterns associated with fraud, onsite appraisals from an approved and impartial appraiser provide a comprehensive level of oversight. 


CoreLogic Tools

First American CoreLogic suggests the following tools for this role:






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