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Your investors need to know how well their investments are doing.  At best, it’s time consuming to capture an accurate valuation and trend analysis of a mortgage portfolio made up of thousands of loans.  At worst, using traditional methods, accuracy is almost impossible to achieve within a reasonable time period. 

First American CoreLogic’s collateral-risk tools and valuation models enable fast, automated capture of current market values.  Our tools enable you to process thousands of loans quickly to establish current value compared against origination value.  Further, we make it possible for you to compare present values to values at any point in the portfolio’s history to produce a solid picture of performance over time.  Using our analytic modeling tools with collateral-risk scoring also allows you to assess collateral risk associated with loans within the security, helping you to predict future performance based on the latest market data.


CoreLogic Tools

First American CoreLogic suggests the following tools for this role:







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