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When you package a mortgage pool, you want to make certain the loans within it represent a compelling investment to the market.  With 90 percent of Wall Street using First American CoreLogic collateral-risk assessment tools, if you don’t identify risky loans, it’s almost certain your performance will be affected.  The last thing you want is a mortgage pool with unaccounted-for risk that will harm loan performance and your reputation.  Having solid data that assures you the loans represented are sound enables you to construct a bid package you feel confident offering to top-tier investors. 

Executive view
With the rise in mortgage fraud and real estate market price instability, putting together mortgage pools that represent a good value to investors helps protect your reputation and long-term liquidity.  Your institution has a reputation in the capital markets; your job is to ensure it’s an excellent one.

Using First American CoreLogic’s automated tools allows you to pre-sort mortgages into risk categories quickly, yet effectively.  We provide tools that assess value and grade collateral risk, allowing you to tranche out any loans that may affect future performance.  Using our tools adds certainty to creating a mortgage pool and credibility to the pools you offer to investors.


CoreLogic Tools

First American CoreLogic suggests the following tools for this role:

LoanSafe RDS™








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