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First American CoreLogic provides a full-service approach to due diligence, verifying mortgage pools are correctly valued and free of fraud.  Through a comprehensive suite of automated tools and in-person appraisal services, First American CoreLogic can determine a pool’s market value prior to assembling a bid package, during due-diligence, or post-securitization for mark-to-market current value.  The speed and accuracy of First American CoreLogic’s secondary market solutions allow lenders and investors to analyze a complete loan pool, rather than just a sample.   

Just as one bad apple spoils the bunch, it takes only a few bad loans to spoil a pool of hundreds.  The beauty of First American CoreLogic’s solutions is that they allow lenders and investors to analyze an entire pool to identify and focus on only the questionable loans – reducing analysis time and cost. 

First American CoreLogic’s full-spectrum approach makes pool assessment a one-stop process.   In addition to automated valuation and fraud detection and appraisal services, First American CoreLogic can act as a disinterested third party during the tie-out process. 

Fast, flexible, and precise, Investor Services deliver comprehensive solutions that strengthen the due-diligence process and help secure return on investment. 

First American CoreLogic’s automated solutions are available through secure bulk processing, Web interface and direct XML integration with workflow processing available to speed analysis.

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In a May 15, 2005 guidance document entitled “Credit Risk Management for Home Equity Lending,” the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), discusses the use of automated valuation models (AVMs) and other collateral evaluation tools (such as fraud detection, AVM cascading platforms, etc.). The guidance document also talks about the concept of collateral valuation management and recognizes the use of automated tools. According to the OCC guidance, collateral valuation management policies and procedures recognize that not all transactions require the same valuation methodology. In fact, the appropriate valuation methodology should be commensurate with the “risk in the transaction and loan portfolio.”...

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