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Incorporate Industry’s Top Analytics and Decisioning Tools in Your Program Suite

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The First American CoreLogic Business Partner Program offers selected consultancies and existing clients customized, full-featured access to the industry’s most powerful, most trusted mortgage information, analytics, predictive, and decisioning applications. You provide the task-focused front end, we supply the expert information and risk management tools—the back end—to help you and your customers understand the mortgage market in depth and predict risk and return accurately.

The First American CoreLogic partnership program puts you and your clients in realistic control of mortgage risk and fraud at every step of the mortgage process via a powerful online toolkit that includes industry-leading AVM, pricing, approval, risk mediation, and fraud prevention applications—plus exclusive mortgage-specific collaboration and decisioning tools.

We designed the Business Partner Program to enable real-time collaboration by people working in local or geographically dispersed teams and facilitate their most effective, informed decision-making. Team member benefits include:

  • Thorough training, service, support
  • Best-practices risk management and fraud protection
  • Direct access to First American CoreLogic experts to help untangle problems

As a First American CoreLogic partner, you operate independently with our resources strictly in the background. You choose the collaboration model best suited to your business purpose:

  • Direct compensation via percentage of license sales
  • “Vendor neutrality”—incorporate our product knowledge, online toolkit, industry insight, without licensing component
  • Operate as your client’s prime consultant with us as supplier
  • Subcontract through First American CoreLogic

You provide the business concept—we’ll help you make it happen.

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