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First American CoreLogic’s suite of automated tools delivers the power to spot collateral-risk issues and questions of fraud.  When serious questions remain unresolved, First American CoreLogic also provides complete, impartial appraisal services through a nationwide network of respected appraisers.  Clients can build Appraisal Services into their workflow as needed and access the appraisal network online. 

The benefits of First American CoreLogic’s Appraisal Services include fast turnaround times, nonbiased results, ease of access, and level of appraisal professionals available.  Clients can order services and receive results electronically, with tracking of order receipt, appraisal completion and report delivery. 

Appraisal Services can be ordered through a secure Web-based interface, batch processing routine, or XML integration into an institution’s production system.

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The concept of pricing a mortgage is often thought of as a dark and mysterious science with impenetrable math and statistics that nobody but academics and fi nancial scientists would ever want to understand. For the full blown and most complicated pricing models, this is probably a true statement, but the essential concepts of pricing a loan are relatively simple and can give great insight and understanding of the basic financial premises upon which pricing is based. This short paper attempts to illuminate these basic concepts of pricing a loan and discuss some of the most important...

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