LoanSafe 2.0

LoanSafe 2.0's overall loan risk rating (“1” above) also shows key risks contributing to it—property risk, identity risk, income risk, borrower risk, broker risk, market risk.

LoanSafe 2.0's overall loan risk rating (“1” above) also
shows key risks contributing to it—property risk, identity risk,
income risk, borrower risk, broker risk, market risk.


Rating the Many Risks to a Loan—at a Single Glance

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LoanSafe 2.0 enhancements extend and deepen its proven ability to help originators and investors identify a loan’s actual long-term risk, then make the overall risk easier to understand by including scores for a series of risk factors contributing to it:

  • Property risk
  • Borrower risk
  • Identity risk
  • Income risk
  • Broker risk
  • Market risk

Free of technical jargon and complexity, LoanSafe 2.0's vibrant, intuitive dashboard makes it easy to spot fraud and repurchase risk, easy to anticipate the future performance of collateral, easy to separate risks connected to participants and those due to broader market influences.

Analytics That Focus on Today's Fraud
LoanSafe 2.0 updates its previous focus on collateral and borrower risk with a multi-layered approach that detects all the varieties of mortgage fraud currently roiling the industry—examining additional information resources, like property valuation history and borrower demographics, to spot:

  • Appraisal Risk Since up to 80% of fraudulent mortgage loans involve deliberate over-valuing of the collateral property, LoanSafe 2.0 quickly identifies likely transgressors
  • Repurchase Risk LoanSafe 2.0 compares loans to their defined repurchase parameters to isolate loans at risk for subsequent repurchase demands
  • Income Validation LoanSafe 2.0 automatically screens borrower income and other information against specific indicators to spot likely income misrepresentations
  • Owner Occupancy LoanSafe 2.0 utilizes effective predictive algorithms to identify borrowers who may have claimed owner-occupant status fraudulently
  • Undisclosed Mortgage Debts Drawing on the largest property and mortgage databases in the industry, LoanSafe 2.0 quickly identifies shotgunners, flippers, fraud rings.

Guided Decision-Making
LoanSafe 2.0’s multidimensional scoring assures swift, smart decision-making, by skillfully balancing production and risk. Using LoanSafe 2.0, lenders quickly identify questionable loans, allowing accelerated processing of good-quality loans. Investors using LoanSafe 2.0 spot potential kick-outs immediately, shortening the time spent maintaining high loan-pool quality.

LoanSafe 2.0 Advantages
LoanSafe 2.0 was designed with one ambitious goal in mind—to streamline the process of identifying mortgage risk without losing the transparency needed to see what factors determine the score. Thus, LoanSafe 2.0:

  • Flags early payment default, loss severity risk
  • Instantly spots inaccurate or misrepresented values
  • Is heavily weighted to assess collateral performance risk
  • Clearly identifies risk alert type, severity, contributing factors
  • Provides hotlinks to reports for instant drill-down, review
  • Yields extremely low false-positive rates

LoanSafe 2.0 ups processing consistency and pull-through rates by applying your business rules to its recommendations for corrective action, then automatically sending loans to the next step in the process—or diverting them for further analysis.

Best Data + Advanced Analytics + Always Current
LoanSafe 2.0 draws on First American CoreLogic’s comprehensive real estate, property, ownership, house price index, mortgage, mortgage collateral, borrower demographic, and mortgage securities databases—using state-of-the-art data-mining and modeling techniques to produce SAS 70- and CyberTrust-certified results at supercomputer-fast processing speeds.

Hosted online, LoanSafe 2.0’s analytics engine, metrics, defined parameters, and scope of data are refined and updated continuously in response to changing market conditions.

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Case Study

ABN AMRO implemented the new LoanSafe workflow process, running it side-by-side with their original process. The new process, incorporating LoanSafe, identified 55% more potential loss exposure, and increased AVM efficiency by 50%, at an incremental cost that was less than 4% of the overall gain...

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