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Technology Center

The First American Technology Center is centrally located in Southern California on the Santa Ana Corporate Campus. Due to the critical importance of the building’s function, the construction, security and utility systems are specially designed to safeguard against the risk of a natural disaster, particularly an earthquake. The structure is composed of steel and concrete, but rests above the earth, supported by 30 base isolators. These isolators allow the building to move 24 inches in all directions, enabling it to sustain a 1,000-year seismic event of 8.5 on the Richter scale.

Key Features  

  • 80,000 square-foot world-class data center designed to support business-critical data for First Americanand its customers
  • State-of-the-art systems, infrastructure, telecommunications and facilities
  • Reciprocal backup and disaster recovery locations in both Santa Ana, California and Dallas, Texas
  • Designed to exceed the latest technology standards for reliability, availability and flexibility
  • Self-sustaining and redundant electrical, mechanical and support systems
  • Ultra-reliable, high-capacity networks supported by multiple enterprise-class providers
  • Fully redundant domestic, international and Internetwide area networks
  • Automated monitoring and 24/7 operations support of all systems and networks
  • Both locations have received information security certifications from CyberTrust
  • Security compliance audits conducted annually to ensure security integrity

Growth Statement  

First American CoreLogic, Inc. continues to grow at a significant pace as a result of growing demand for advanced data and analytic solutions.

The company’s evolution from an information provider to an advanced analytics and solutions leader illustrates its ongoing commitment to expanding its database and developing new technology that helps clients streamline their operations, reduce risk and provide better service to their clients through technology.

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