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Fast Facts


Companies that need real estate information depend on our advanced technology and data-rich content to confirm property ownership and location, estimate the market value of a property, locate and prospect for new business, and much more. We deliver comprehensive solutions that make companies across the nation more effective, efficient, and successful every day.

Industry Leadership

We are three times larger than our nearest competitor in both customers and revenue. More than 600,000 professionals depend on us to provide them with the information they need.

Geographic Superiority

Our national reach delivers data on more than 3,000 counties, representing more than 97% of all U.S. property transactions. We continue to work toward our goal of providing coverage on 100% of the nation’s property transactions.

Unrivaled Data Depth

With information collected on approximately 4.5 million deed, mortgage, and foreclosure transactions each month, we cover 99% of the U.S. population. More than 3.5 billion public document images, stored and available for real-time delivery, give our company a ten-fold lead in its market space.

Superior Content and Timeliness

Our content goes far beyond Recorder and Assessor records to include household demographics, neighborhood analysis, schools, crime, flood, site-inspected data from real estate professionals and appraisers, and many other types of supplemental data. This robust content is updated daily, providing accuracy and relevance unmatched in the industry.


With over 49 years of collecting and managing real estate data, and as part of a company with a century of knowledge in the real estate industry, we have more experience than all of its competitors combined.

Powerful Service Options

With more data services and products than any other firm in the industry, we offers a wealth of tools assembled from property data, digital street, aerial and plat maps, automated valuation models (AVMs), profiling and lead generation activities, market analysis, statistical products, multiple listing services’ applications, printed aerial maps, published reports, custom research services, custom product development services and more.

Wide Customer Base

Mortgage lenders, title companies, government agencies, legal and tax services, real estate professionals, investors, insurers, appraisers, and resellers across the United States reach out to our services to access the data that helps them build their businesses.

 Technology Leadership

As the largest Oracle® database of its kind, our platform is first in reliability. To safeguard business critical data our world-class technology center provides unparalleled security. Its mirrored database, double-redundancy architecture with automatic fail-over, and technical support provide the highest levels of protection against service interruptions.

Unmatched Delivery Platforms

Get the information you need, in exactly the format you need it, with a variety of flexible delivery options  including browser-based HTML, XML-based web services connection, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) along with private labeled platforms, licensed databases and customized solutions.

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