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Company Fact Sheet

First American CoreLogic is the leading provider of collateral risk-analysis and management technology and services to the U.S. mortgage banking industry. First American CoreLogic technology models the potential for mortgage fraud and assists mortgage lenders and secondary marketplace investors in making critical lending decisions, resulting in a substantial reduction in financial loss due to collateral risk.

First American CoreLogic's suite of tools provides the data, comprehensive geographic coverage, ease-of-use and accessibility the mortgage industry needs to help speed up the loan application and funding process and increase loan-processing capacity.

CoreLogic at a Glance (Pre-Merger)
For more about the current company, see First American CoreLogic press release announcing merger of CoreLogic with First American Real Estate Solutions.

  • Founded in 1997 in Sacramento, California.
  • 2005 sales: $70.5 million 
  • 200 employees
  • Closed a $50 million round of VC funding from TA Associates in late 2004
  • Evaluates more than 67,000 loan transactions daily
  • 9 of the top 10 U.S. lenders and 90 of the top 100 lenders use CoreLogic tools
  • In 2005 and 2004, CoreLogic was ranked in the top 20 on Inc. magazine's 500 fastest growing companies.

Risk Management Tools

   LoanSafe Risk Decision System (RDS)™ builds on the proven foundation of LoanSafe to offer the latest innovation in mortage risk management – the combination of broker, borrower and collateral characterstics with borrower credit factors, creating a tool that is more predictive of early payment default and loss severity than either collateral scoring or credit scoring used alone.
   LoanSafe® is the industry's leading loan risk management tool, enabling residential mortgage originators and investors to efficiently and completely assess the value risk and fraud potential in a loan transaction by simultaneously examining broker, borrower and collateral characteristics.
    IncomePro™ provides lenders a real-time and objective way to establish the soundness of a borrower’s stated income. IncomePro utilizes three industry-leading data sources and advanced First American CoreLogic algorithms to validate income and repayment capacity, as well as stratify and effectively predict loan performance.


Multi-Closing Alert Program™ is a service and consortium of lenders united to combat multi-lien or “shotgunning” fraud, where individuals can extract funds from the equity in a single residence. The Multi-Closing Alert Program allows partipcating lenders to sumit daily and retroactive loan activity, and First American CoreLogic delivers alerts to a desktop for suspect behaviors.
    HistoryPro® quickly and accurately grades collateral risk by analyzing factors most predictive of the types of fraud that contribute to early payment default and loan loss.
    IdentityPro® assesses a borrower’s impact on lending risk using state-of-the-art analysis of borrower behavior to identify patterns highly correlated with potential fraud.
    ThirdParty Scorecard® is the first and only industry-wide solution enabling mortgage originators to grade the risk of loans submitted by a broker.
    HistoryPro Review® examines an existing appraisal to determine its overall validity by comparing the appraisal comps and subject property information against its own extensive set of databases, maps and valuation models to render an overall judgment about the quality of the appraisal and the underlying transaction risk.


PreQualPro® provides quick, accurate analysis of a property’s collateral value against the client’s value estimate, providing an effective workflow prioritization tool that determines which potential deals have a higher probability of closing at the client’s value estimate.


Investor Services™ provide the secondary market additional expertise complementary to the First American CoreLogic suite of automated tools,  for more robust due-diligence, reconciliation and tie-outs.


Appraisal Services™ provide a vital single-source supplement to the First American CoreLogic suite of collateral assessment tools inlcuing LoanSafe and AVM Select.


Servicing Solutions First American CoreLogic’s comprehensive suite of automated tools allow mortgage servicing professionals to effectively pinpoint problem loans, streamline valuations, and significantly reduce the overall cost of servicing.


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